Le Studio Pierre

Le Studio Pierre, founded in 2017, is a womenswear & menswear ready-to-wear luxury house, based in Paris.

Constantly in dialogue with its time, Le Studio Pierre offers an oeniric, chic and comfortable fashion. The house find its inspirations in art, retro kitsch and cinematographic aesthetic. Sometimes borrowing the eyes of their childhood, Le Studio Pierre dreams a contemporary French. The house exalts freedom through the bridge between womenswear & menswear.« The garments echo one another and the details are interchangeable. The gender asserts itself, while the codes disappear”, explains Tina.

Taking its source from the designers relation, Le Studio Pierre celebrates love.

The Designers

The Designers, Tina Pierre and Thomas Bellego met at design school in 2010.

First a friendly crush, then a creative one, their common vision of fashion brings them together : a free fashion fantasy through easy products to incarnate.

The founders recall sweet memories taken from their french childhood spent in Paris, but also in Brittany and Normandy. They retranscribe their contemporary universe with timelesss clothing such as the raincoat, the pajama or grandma’s hand knitted and reassuring jumper.“By interpreting timeless pieces, Pierre recreates the standards”, assures Thomas.

Le Studio Pierre Tina Pierre Desginer

Tina, creative director for womenswear, has been immersed in art, photography and journalism since her childhood. She grew up between Paris and Normandy. It’s from these two differents universes that she draws her aesthetic.

Tina is particularly sensitive to numerous expressions of femininity. She is inspired by discovering artistic sensibilty in everything, whether it comes from her past or just a simple moment ; a colour from Rothko, an ikebana from Shozo Sato or a cloud Jean Arp.

Le Studio Pierre Thomas Bellego designer

Thomas, creative director for menswear, spent his childhood in Brittany where he is playing make believe with his twin.This unique relation helps feed his imagination along with futuristic movies, pop culture or the particular aesthetic of comic books which are his favorite themes.

Fascinated by his surroundings and completely anchored in his generation, his will to move and define the man who incarnates the clothing are real creative aspirations for him.