Hemp Is the straight-edge relative in the cannabis family

Hemp stands out as the straight-edge relative in the cannabis family, sporting barely a trace of THC, the compound that gives marijuana its kick. So, wearing hemp fabric might not get you buzzed, but it’ll surely place you on a higher moral ground, knowing your choice is kinder to the planet.

Industrial Hemp

Think of industrial hemp as the fashion world’s responsible sibling, content with a quiet night in, crafting socks for fun. Yet, despite its wholesome qualities, hemp has struggled with its association with cannabis, earning it an undeserved shady reputation over the years.

The stereotype of hemp clothing as loose, grunge-inspired, and predominantly khaki has also not helped its case, pinning it to a niche fashion corner. While there’s nothing wrong with embracing a bohemian aesthetic, this image has limited hemp’s appeal to a broader audience.

A transformation

However, hemp is undergoing a transformation, shedding its outdated image for a more refined and versatile identity. The fabric’s environmental perks and durability are propelling it into the spotlight, proving it can be part of stylish attire that meets even the most discerning tastes.

So, what exactly is hemp?

This plant has a rich history as a fiber, cultivated for millennia across the globe for making clothes, ropes, and even sails. It’s believed that “canvas” might even owe its name to “cannabis.”

Hemp belongs to the bast fiber family, alongside flax (from which linen is made), jute, and stinging nettle, known for their plant-based origins and robustness. Naturally, hemp fabric offers several benefits: it’s insulating in winter, breathable in summer, and can shield you from UV rays.

With a texture akin to linen, hemp fiber can blend seamlessly with other natural fibers, producing a range of textiles that combine hemp’s strength with the softness of cotton or bamboo. Its versatility is unmatched, suitable for everything from jersey and denim to hessian and canvas. This breadth of application highlights hemp’s unique position in the textile industry, setting it apart from its counterparts with its blend of environmental and practical advantages.

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