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PIERRE [pjɛʁ] noun (lat. petra) proper noun

A common French name, Pierre is a man, Pierre is French, Pierre is free.

A rock of particular material, Pierre is a woman, Pierre is solar, Pierre is a dream.

Le Studio Pierre

Le Studio Pierre is a ready-to-wear men & womenswear luxury house based in Paris, founded in 2017.

Constantly in dialogue with its time, Le Studio Pierre offers an oneiric, chic and comfortable clothing line. The Studio’s inspirations can be found in art, retro kitsch and in the cinematographic aesthetic. Sometimes borrowing the eyes of their childhood, Le Studio Pierre dreams about a contemporary French.

The house exalts freedom as it explores the thin line between women & menswear. Clothes echo one another and the details are interchangeable. Product asserts itself while genders shade off.

Taking its source from the designers relation, Le Studio Pierre celebrates love.

The Designer

Le Studio Pierre Tina Pierre Founder
Tina Pierre
Founder & Creative Director

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For all press inquiries please contact  press@autrementpr.com

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